Battle of Carentan Bundle 28mm

Enough miniatures here for a complete Bolt Action battle, as well as the scenery to build part of the town of Carentan.

This was a crucial engagement just after DDay between the American airborne units and the German Falschirmjager.

The deal includes.

US Airborne box set of 30 plastic figures.

US Airborne 75mm pack howitzer and crew.

US Airborne bazooka team,

US Airborne 60mm mortar team.

German Falschirmjager box set of 30 plastic figures.

Falschirmjager PAK 40 AT gun and crew.

Falschirmjager Kettenkrad and 3 crew.

Panther Ausf A

Ruined hamlet of 3 buildings in a box.

MSRP of this deal is $ 246.24