28mm Bolt Action French Warehouse also Napoleonic WW1 Punk Skirmish


Beautifully painted and weathered Brick and Terracotta Tiled Warehouse  building, suitable for most periods, 18th century and later. It comes with separate roof and open interior to allow skirmish gaming. This is a large building with a footprint on the table 9" x 5". This would be excellent for skirmish games in the Punk era, or for WW2 Bolt Action games. A very nice center piece.

This resin building has been painted specially for the discerning gamer who dotes hours creating beautiful miniatures and wants scenery to complement his collection, and would normally retail at $76.00 unpainted.

Unfortunately due to sales tax complications, no sales within Louisiana.

After many years of painting for award winning display games on the wargames circuit I am aiming to sell quality products from UK and US suppliers which will be painted to a high standard. I am also available to custom paint buildings supplied by the customer to match. Order your buildings direct from whoever you want and have them all painted by me to the same consistent standard. Simply get in touch.