28mm Pro Painted DPS Thracian Foot #3 Hail Caesar WAB War and Conquest Ancients


A unit of 23 Thracian tribesmen with spear and shields, beautifully painted by DPS (Dragon Painting Service) . Figures are mounted in groups on decorative scenic bases, which are magnetized for safe transportation to and from your local club. These were professionally painted, then I added a little extra detail and did the bases. These are from my own collection so I'm confident you won't be disappointed with these figures.

Figures are on single bases 40mm x 40mm and 40mm x 20mm, and are from Wargames Foundry's range of metal figures

Can be used in games using Warhammer Ancients, Hail Ceasar, Clash of Empires, or War and Conflict rules.