Imperial Japanese Fleet

Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet

Cruel Seas focuses on the cat and mouse hunts that happened nightly in the Philippines, Guadalcanal and the Solomon’s. They could be IJN sub chasers stalking a crippled US submarine, or mine layers playing their trade at night. Most commonly it will be Japanese barge convoys defending themselves in shallow water against rapacious PT boats. Turning the tables, a late war game could be played out with American landing ships and the terrifying Shin’yo Kamikaze craft.

The IJN, therefore, is an interesting mixture of the very sophisticated and the very amateur, boldness being a connecting factor whether in battleships or tiny craft. It is a do or die force, get in close and things will go well, dither or maintain the range of the allied technology and firepower will overreach you.

The Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet Contains:

6 x T-14-class MTBs (metal)
3 x Maru-Ni kamikaze boats (metal)
3 x Shin-Yo kamikaze boats (metal)
4 x large Sampan (resin and metal - two of each canopied boat)
1 x Escort Type Hei minesweeper (resin & metal)
1 x Aichi D3A 'Val' (metal)
Ship Cards
Plastic Torpedo markers
Note: All Cruel Seas items manufactured by Warlord Games are 1/300th (6mm) scale.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted