Indian Army, Western Desert 28mm

A beautifully painted British Indian army of combat tested troops which are a joy to behold and will be the envy of your friends.


3 man HQ Group

1 x artillery spotter with msg

5 x 10 man rifle squads, 4 smg’s, 43 rifles and 3 Bren guns

1 x Anti tank rifle team

1 x light mortar and crew

1 x Matilda medium tank

So 58 painted figures and a tank, all beautifully painted and based by us.

The light mortar and anti rifle teams are Warlord plastic miniatures. The Matilda is a resin model from the excellent Blitzkrieg Miniatures range.

All the other miniatures are metal from the excellent Artizan range which are still the best range for the troops that fought in the Western Desert.